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Connecting to nature online?

Is that even possible?

We believe it is, through careful supportive online mentoring programs and memberships, our Wild Cherry Web programs can coach you and your loved ones to deepen your connection to nature and create awesome friendships with likeminded people along the way.

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Our Classes

Seasons of Connection: AUTUMN

A 7 week deep dive into the gifts of Autumn, for cultivating a clear mind, beautiful home, and natural wellbeing.

Having a solid foundation of connection with the land we live upon, a familiarity with the birds, animals, plants, weather, changes of the seasons, is critical to developing a deep sense of safety and therefore the ability to accept change on a deeper level. From this relationship with nature, we can draw strength and embody a more naturally attuned way of being, that calms our nervous system and allows us the space to choose our actions and behaviours more freely.

Backyard Universe: Activating the Wild Self

This unique online program will awaken the wonder and awareness of the whole family as we explore the universe that is in your own backyard.  Through a series of Kids’ Discovery Calls and Parent Connection Calls (via Zoom) your family will be inspired to activate their wild senses and gain the knowledge and skills to take their relationship with nature to a whole new level.

CorGaia Coaching: courage of the heart + wisdom of the earth

Individual Mentoring Sessions

When we combine the courage of our hearts, with the wisdom of the earth, we empower our vision and confidence to create the change we desire in our lives and the world around us. I will support you to gain clarity and take action towards living in accordance with your own personal integrity 💚

Both myself and my son (10) loved your course Kerrie! He was disappointed when he realised it was over as he discovered a newfound joy and interest in our own backyard. My own eyes and senses have been opened to the beauty always around us so thank you for that gift!
Jay Styles

Participant, Backyard Universe: Activating the Wild Self

My son and I have gotten so much out of the Backyard Universe course. He really enjoyed the stories Kerrie told, especially with Troy’s special sound effects, and the activities. Even though he is not easily engaged in nature activities and struggles with certain textures etc, I have noticed a shift in his interest and engagement with the natural world which is so beautiful. The parent sessions were also very interesting and supportive and I learnt a lot. Thank you so much!
Daniela Bradley

Participant, Backyard Universe: Activating the Wild Self

Shoutout – to the incredible Kerrie Scott For her AMAZING Backyard Universe Nature Connection Course for kids. WOW – Just freakin WOW!

This was THE PERFECT program for anyone wishing to introduce their children to the beauty’s and wonders of the natural world. The kids learnt how to connect using all 5 senses and my kids in particular are still using these skills now – I have enjoyed watching them discover, explore and deepen their interest,awe and wonder about mother earth and all that she has to offer us.

The incredible bonus about this program is that Kerrie engaged the parents aswell. She is wise enough to know and to teach that the children will be inspired if we show them our inspiration – their connection happens through our interest and role modelling. The parents had their own special connection calls and we were about to share our stories, our feelings and our frustrations. Kerrie held such sacred and safe space and she spiritually companioned us all to find the inherent answers and wisdom within us all.

Tamala Ridge

Parent-Participant, Backyard Universe: Activating the Wild Self