Inspired EFT

Inspired EFT is a simple and highly effective modality which combines tapping, mindfulness and sub-conscious re-patterning, for reducing stress, fear and pain, empowering the client to achieve for themselves higher states of well-being and self-healing. 

What is Inspired EFT?

Also known as ’emotional or psychological acupuncture’, EFT is a simple yet highly effective somatic tool which combines western psychotherapy and ancient eastern wisdom to calm the body’s nervous system, unlock patterns in the subconscious mind, release emotional triggers, and thus create change quickly and permanently where desired.

Inspired EFT is a particularly effective form of EFT, as it combines the power of Mindfulness, increasing the person’s self awareness of their own thoughts both conscious and subconscious, and thus allowing them to identify which habitual patterns of thinking are no longer helpful or desired in their life, and to take action through tapping to clear them.   

“..subconscious memories, real or not, can trigger the amygdala, which in turn hijacks the neocortex (the thinking part of the brain). Tapping on the meridian points, turns off this response and sends calming signals to the body and supports the brain to recognise it is safe.”

Melinda Deans-Draper

Founder , Inspired EFT

The technique is deceptively simple and painless, as the person simply applies pressure through tapping to activate specific points on their body. By stimulating these acupressure points, the stress cycle can be interrupted, signals of safety reach the brain, and stress held in the body is released. This leads us to be less emotionally reactive to situations, memories, images and associations that previously caused us great distress, often without us understanding why. The best way to gain an understanding of the process, is to experience it for yourself. 

Kerrie is a fully qualified Facilitator of Inspired EFT, registered and insured with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. IEFT is one of the modalities she offers in her 1:1 Connection Coaching sessions, and Equine Facilitated Learning experiences. Kerrie is also qualified to teach Level 1 & Level 2 Inspired EFT to groups and individuals wanting to delve deeper into this internationally recognised therapy and gain recognised Certification. If you are a practitioner interested in incorporating this modality into your practice, further study is available, please get in touch. 

“The emergence of brief psychotherapies that include a somatic component are now being considered psychotherpay’s fourth wave.  I consider EFT to be the most promising of the fourth-wave psychotherapies I have investigated.”

Peta Stapleton, Ph.d.

Clinical & Health Psychologist, Bond University, Australia

Our Classes

Work with me

1:1 Connection Coaching

Connection Coaching sessions are unique individually tailored experiences, in which I guide you in the process of IEFT to help create the change in your life you desire. Addicitive behaviour, general stress and anxiety, management of physical pain, working through emotional and mental blocks to your creativity, any aspect in life that you wish to address can benefit from this amazing technique. I believe in my role as a facilitator to hold space for you to reconnect with your own intuitive and instinctual wisdom, and support your to take control of your own healing and well-being.  

IEFT Level 1 Certification

An introductory level course ideal for those wishing to gain a better understanding of the IEFT techniques and to use them in all areas of life to reduce stress, support personal growth and enhance physical, emotional and mental well-being. We will work in small safe groups to practice the 15 tapping points, gain clarity on how the mind works, what ‘files’ are and undertake the coral activity. This course will be  delivered over 6 hours of classes via zoom,  and participants will receive a workbook, pocket card and officially recognised Certificate of Completion. 

IEFT Level 2 Certification

This intermediate level course will give you a more in depth understanding of the principles of Inspired EFT. Program Units include the conscious and subconscious mind, how the brain works, meditation and visualisation, addictions and muscle memory and more. You will gain a complete understanding on how and why EFT works. Self-awareness and growth expands as we understand how our thoughts, feelings and emotions are stored in the body, and affect our well-being on all levels. Classes coming soon, please get in touch to join the waiting list.