We offer heart-led deep nature connection programs for all ages

both online and throughout the wild southern Sapphire Coast of NSW.

From bushcraft and survival skills, to wild mindfulness and equine facilitated learning,

take a look at our program pages and be inspired to

reignite your relationship with the earth.

Wild Cherry Nature Connection would like to acknowledge the Thaua and Dhurga people and all Yuin nation people, as the true Traditional Custodians of the land we work and live on, here on the South Coast of NSW.

We are committed to honouring these people, as we honour the land, and all animals and plants, waters, mountains and valleys of this place.

We also pay our respects to Elders past, present and future, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of this country, and all indigenous peoples throughout the world.

We are grateful for their dedication to caretaking this beautiful planet

that we are blessed to live upon.

Thank you.