Equine Connection Mentoring

Equine Connection Mentoring is a unique, experiential process of developing self-awareness and personal growth, through working with horses.  While engaging with horses in a respectful, safe way, through groundwork and connection activities, participants gain insight into their own unique styles of communication, body language, and ways of being in the world.  

Why horses?

Horses have a unique ability to give us immediate feedback about how we are feeling, what our bodies are saying, and the emotional state of our hearts.

They are non-judgemental, highly sensitive and intelligent sentient beings, who have evolved to be highly attuned to their environment for survival.

Horses have an impressive ability to see and respond to the truth of how we are feeling, and can teach us a lot about who we are, and how our ways of being in the world affect those around us.  They have no agenda, and will respond in their own unique way to what they are sensing around them. They teach us to be in the moment, and how to tune in to our bodies in profound ways. 

Equine Connection Mentoring, in the context of working with a skilled professional, can support growth in self-confidence, self-esteem, and assist participants to work through challenges in a way that expands awareness of their own thoughts and deeds. ECM can also provide opportunities to develop and practice resilience, problem solving, and interpersonal communication through caring for and working with horses. ECM is not therapy, but a unique form of space holding and personal development work in which participants are guided to trust their own intuition and wisdom, and to bring this forth. 

Kerrie is a fully qualified Practitioner of Equine Facilitated Learning, completing training with Kylie Peters of Groundwork Therapy in 2019. She is registered and insured with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. Groundwork Therapy’s Practitioner Training program is an extensive year long program in which a high level of competence and integrity is expected of graduates. More information can be found here:  www.groundworktherapy.com.au

Groundwork Therapy (and EFL) provides the individual the opportunity to expand their awareness and find pieces of themselves that they are unable to see yet, but already have

Kylie Peters

Founder, Groundwork Therapy

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If you are curious about this modality, I encourage you to book in for a free phone or video call with me to chat about what kind of EFL/ECM session would work best for you. 

We are currently available for private Adult sessions,

60 min kids & teen sessions,

and full day workshops for groups.

For NDIS clients, EFL is an approved modality and may be included in your package, please let me know if this may apply to you.

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