Sapphire Coast Programs

Here on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW we offer a range of programs throughout the seasons to facilitate healthy connections with the natural world, for wellbeing and a balanced life.

All our programs are created with the intention to foster an authentic love and experiential knowledge of our precious ecosystems, as well as building on compassionate personal & social skills.

During all programs, it is an agreement of all participants, that we are kind to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

If you are interested in any of our programs and would like to find out more, please use this link to book in a Clarity Call..

Summer Experience with the Horses

This summer holiday we are offering fun and relaxed family friendly 2hr Equine Connection Experiences through Air bnb. Check out the details …..

Term 1 Programs 2023

Forest Seekers (8-10yrs)

Full day earth inspired exploration, natural learning and play. This popular program has been running for 4 years and is an absolute joy to be a part of. Play in natural environments has a proven range of physical, emotional and mental benefits, and belonging to the Forest Seeker tribe as a supported, mentored peer group is a beautiful gift to your child.



Earth Adventurers (10-13yrs)
This program is full of play and natural sensory integration through exploring a range of environments throughout the Sapphire Coast including freshwater lagoon systems, rocky hidden coves and tall rainforests. We also begin to introduce some great bushcraft skills and challenges with fun, respectful games.


9:30am -2:30pm

Sacred Earth Circles (adult)

Monthly circle to learn bushcraft skills, nurturing elemental practices and deep nature connection techniques for peace and well-being.

monthly gatherings

Equine Connection Mentoring (8+ & adult)

Personal growth through expanded awareness of self and nature, facilitated by Kerrie and our beautiful herd of horses and ponies. The experience of creating a human-horse connection can be profound, when gently guided using this invitational approach. To read more click the link at the top of the page: Equine Connection Mentoring.

1 hr to full day sessions
individuals &
groups welcome

CorGaia Coaching: courage of the heart + wisdom of the earth

Individual Mentoring Sessions

When we combine the courage of our hearts, with the wisdom of the earth, we empower our vision and confidence to create the change we desire in our lives and the world around us. I will support you to gain clarity and take action towards living in accordance with your own personal integrity 💚

My boys absolutely love every minute of their time with Troy & Kerrie in the bush. They always bring home a detailed report of how they not only learnt bush skills, played games and had adventure fun, but also how they ‘felt’ or ‘smelt’ or ‘listened’ to the bush. I can see just how much Wild Cherry is helping to nurture a very deep and beautiful lifelong connection with the natural world and their own part in it. Thank you so much
Annie Bryant

Parent, Wild Scouts