Sapphire Coast Programs  

Here on the beautiful Sapphire Coast of NSW we offer a range of programs throughout the seasons to facilitate healthy connections with the natural world.

All our programs are created with the intention to foster an authentic love and experiential knowledge of our precious ecosystems, as well as building on compassionate social skills and lasting friendships.

During all programs, it is an agreement of all participants, that we are kind to ourselves, each other, and the earth. 

All our groups begin their days at meeting points near Tathra, NSW.

If you are interested in any of our programs and would like to find out more, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


One Day Workshops 2021

Intro to Wild Awareness & Bushcraft  
Wolumla, NSW

A one day introduction to the Sacred Order of Survival: shelter, water, fire and food.

How do we find and use what we have in the bush as a source of connection to nature and survival?

The day will include a hands on demonstration of shelter building: construction, materials and design. We will discuss sources of drinking and cooking water in the bush and demonstrate purification methods. We explain the principles of creating fire by friction and the use of ferro rods, with participants having the opportunity to practice these skills. We will also discuss seasonal local bush foods, safe collection and preparation.

These skills of sacred survival are a gateway to learning the physical languages of the bush, and so to is the development of wilderness awareness. Exploration of wild senses through engaging activities will be an integral and enjoyable part of the day.

BYO drinking water bottle and packed lunch, suitable clothing and sun protection for spending the day outdoors.

JANUARY 23rd, 2021

9:30am to 4:30pm




Term 1 Programs 2021

Forest Seekers (8-10yrs)

Full day earth inspired exploration, natural learning and play. This popular program has been running for 2 years and is an absolute joy to be a part of. Play in natural environments has a proven range of physical, emotional and mental benefits, and belonging to the Forest Seeker tribe as a supported, mentored peer group is a beautiful gift to your child.



Earth Adventurers (10-13yrs)
This program is full of play and natural sensory integration through exploring a range of environments throughout the Sapphire Coast including freshwater lagoon systems, rocky hidden coves and tall rainforests. We also begin to introduce some great bushcraft skills and challenges with fun, respectful games.


9:30am -2:30pm

Wild Scouts (14+yrs)

Full day immersion adventures for young teens. Our Wild Scouts program has been running for 3 years now and is very close to our hearts. The young people who join us weekly have developed an amazing connection and respect for our local forests, beaches, rivers mountains and oceans, and have practiced many advanced skills in bushcraft, navigation, canoeing and wilderness awareness. 


9:30am – 2:30pm

Sacred Earth Circles (adult)

Monthly circle to learn bushcraft skills, nurturing elemental practices and deep nature connection techniques for peace and well-being.

monthly gatherings
Fridays 5pm – 8pm

Equine Facilitated Learning (8+ & adult)

Personal growth through expanded awareness of self and nature, facilitated by Kerrie and our beautiful equine team: Bridget and Cherokee. The experience of creating a human-horse connection can be profound, when gently guided using this invitational approach. To read more about the particular model we are trained in, visit

2 hr to full day sessions
individuals &
groups welcome
My boys absolutely love every minute of their time with Troy & Kerrie in the bush. They always bring home a detailed report of how they not only learnt bush skills, played games and had adventure fun, but also how they ‘felt’ or ‘smelt’ or ‘listened’ to the bush. I can see just how much Wild Cherry is helping to nurture a very deep and beautiful lifelong connection with the natural world and their own part in it. Thank you so much
Annie Bryant

Parent, Wild Scouts

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