Backyard Universe is a series of online programs designed to support you and your family

to deepen your connection with the universe in your own backyard,

and bring natural healing rhythms to your daily life.

In this unique program: ‘Activating the Wild Self’, we explore what it means to awaken our wild senses and become

more alive and aware of the  ecological communities we live within.

This program is created around the vision of each child developing deep and connected relationships

with the natural world right outside their back door,

and has been designed with families of children from 6 to 12 years in mind.

(Parents of teens or younger children are encouraged to contact us directly to receive details of suitable courses for this age group).

Through inspiring, creative and fun activities, sensory awareness is activated and bodies can fully integrate learning.

Through group processes and games,

new friendships are forged and learning is enhanced.

There is a real sense of belonging that we cultivate in all our programs.

Parents are a crucial part of inspiring deep nature connection,

and will be guided in this process throughout the course with

Group Mentoring Calls on Zoom plus optional access to a private facebook group.

You will be guided to activate your innate wild senses alongside your children,

via simple, easy to apply practices,

so that you naturally begin to model nature connection for your children, and enhance your own well-being.

These core practices have been proven to lower stress levels and boost immunity, for yourself and those around you, through co-regulation.

In small group interactive classes on the ZOOM online platform, we will bring children together to share their learning, discoveries and experiences of exploring the universe that is their own backyard.

Equipment – materials usually found in a family kitchen and house.

We will adapt activities to suit the group. Suggested shopping will be provided at the start of the course for a few small ingredients (eg salt and flour), but none of the items will be essential or expensive – we can work with what you’ve got!

– a backyard – any size will do – with access to dirt, sky and living creatures (humans count!)

Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in joining the next round of this program.

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