Sacred Earth Circles
9 phases to a deeper connection with the earth

Be nurtured with elemental earth rituals & practices

Be inspired to learn the languages of the earth

Be empowered to create the authentic life you know is possible – aligned with the sacred cycles of nature.

Our campfire is lit and ready for you to join us….

Beginning in on June 21st with the winter solstice, the women of our Sacred Earth Circles will travel together on an 18 week journey, uncovering each of our own unique connections to earth through nourishing guided elemental practices.

?We will learn what it feels like to allow the natural rhythms of the earth support us on a daily basis.
? We will learn what if feels like to put our relationship with the land we live on at the centre of our awareness.
? We will listen to wise women from across Australia share their wisdom gathered from living in reverence of nature.
? We will support each other with open hearted, non-judgemental love to create a new way of working, playing and being in which our nature practices inspire us to find balance and self love.



Each phase of this journey will run for two weeks and include:

? 2hr Sacred Earth Circles – exploring practices together, sharing our experiences and nurturing our selves, alternating between Sunday afternoons and weekday evenings.
(These calls will be recorded and accessible throughout the journey via our private ‘Terra*Luna*Donna membership page).
? Introductions to practical earth skills eg: sacred survival skills, ? bird language? foraging, bush foods & medicines,?navigation⇢ wilderness awareness skills?and bushcraft? Physical skills to empower you to feel at home in wild spaces, because this is not just a spiritual journey, we are embodying these skills and practices and incorporating them into our lives.
? Written material to support and deepen our understanding of the practices
? Private Facebook group to share our ongoing journey.
? Monthly Private 1:1 mentoring call with me to support and tailor techniques to your unique needs, and coach you in your journey to reawaken your connection.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”               

Kahlil Gibran

weeks 1 & 2

Settle in to the space with gratitude for the country on which you currently live, and prepare to embody the languages of the earth.

Weeks 3 & 4

You belong to the earth. You are safe to connect to it and feel supported. Grounding our energy into Gaia to build a strong foundation for life.

Weeks 5 & 6

Uncover your true expression of love for earth and self. Let your creativity flow. Your beauty is earth expressing itself.

Weeks 7 & 8

Calibrate your energy with the power of the sun’s cycles and feel energised and attuned to the rhythms of the day. 

Weeks 9 & 10

Expand your capacity to experience love and peace through deep nature connection practices and breathwork. Release grief and embrace your love for our planet.

Weeks 11 & 12

Release your true voice, write with wild intent, learn elemental songs, languages of birds and secrets of the sky.

Weeks 13 & 14

Connect to your Wild Mind and turn the key to access your own vision of a future you are called to live.

Weeks 15 & 16

Open your awareness to the intricacies of ecological and astronomical interconnectedness and allow these to guide you.

Weeks 17 & 18

Earth is calling us home. From deep in her core she is connected to the deep well in each of us. We are listening now. We are nurtured, inspired, empowered women ready to do our work in the world.

Let’s begin.

Kerrie Scott

Kerrie Scott

Nature Connection Mentor

My work in Nature Connection is the result of a lifelong desire to inspire others to share in the deep sense of well-being and belonging I experience through my connection to earth. I believe it is through direct relationship with wild spaces that true well-being is reached, for people and all life on earth. In 2002 I moved from Qld to Central Victoria to complete a Bachelor degree in  Outdoor Environmental Education, where I spent 3 years bushwalking, canoeing, kayaking, rock-climbing, x-country ski-ing and camping and learning to facilitate empowering, transformative programs. In 2014 I spent a year on Groote Eylandt, forming relationships with the Anindiliyakwan people as I homeschooled our two children.  In 2016 I co-founded Wild Cherry Nature Connection and began our first program: Homeschool in the Wild. In 2018 I completed training with Tom Brown Jnr of The Tracker School in Advanced Tracking & Awareness, Temples of the Soul and Nature Philosophy 1.  In 2019 I became a certified practitioner of Equine Facilitated Learning with Groundwork Therapy in the model of Adventures in Awareness(TM). I have also completed training with Nature Philosophy in the principals of Feminine Mastery, and have spent 15 years home and wild schooling two amazing children.  I am currently studying EFT & Spiritual Mentoring with Tamala Ridge to enhance my practice. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Winter 2020 course now full.

We would love to travel with you on this journey, however the current winter 2020 round is now full.

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Invest in yourself and help us create a new dance with the earth, with respect for all life upon it.

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