Seasons of Connection: Autumn

$144.00 inc. GST

A 7 week deep nature connection mentoring program, receiving the gifts of Autumn for peace and well-being.



Life is full of uncertainty. The human-made world demands so much of us, drawing on our physical and emotional resources, competing for our attention and our money, increasingly it seems we are running out of time and energy for the things that really matter to us: our family, our well-being, our health. Is life really meant to be this rushed and cluttered? I don’t think so, but there is more that just the human-made in this world….

There is a world that exists alongside the human-made, one that stimulates our creativity, strengthens our immunity, calms our nervous system and hearts, eases our depression, anxiety and racing minds, and demands nothing of us. This is the natural world, and it surrounds us in each moment, and yet somehow we resist accessing this incredible resource for wellness, health and vitality. It’s hard to prioritise time in nature when there are bills to be paid, children to be fed, and appointments to rush to, and yet this is the antidote to stress that our bodies, hearts and minds are truly craving.

I invite you on a journey with me to reconnect with the natural world. Seasons of Connection is a 7 week deep dive into nature as your mentor, your healer and your sanctuary. When we tune in to the cycles of the seasons, time slows down again, we regain our sense of balance, find our centre, and can move forward in life with more clarity, ease and confidence.

Autumn is a time of clearing and releasing. I would love to support you in clearing the clutter in your home environment, letting go of the ‘stuff’ that has been accumulating through the year, and transforming each room to reflect the natural beauty in our world, and your true valuing of our planet.  Our lives become more balanced and harmonious, and we create homes that are congruent with our integrity and respect for nature.  As we move through this process, the clutter in our minds will also naturally begin to clear, and we find ourselves returning to our natural state of peace and well-being. I will support you to release any blocks and resistances to this process, through guided EFT, mindfulness and deep nature connection practices. Journeying with the season of Autumn in this way, beautifully prepares us to complete the end of the astronomical year with grace, and leaves us solidly prepared to enter the deep rest of Winter.

What to expect…..

  • Weekly Classes – on zoom – Wednesdays 1pm – 2:30pm AEDT (Feb 8th to March 22nd 2023) These will be recorded so you can catch up if you miss a week.
  • Gift package in the post with your printed Seasons of Connection Workbook and Autumn Nature Diary
  • Daily coaching and inspiration via private facebook group
  • Investment is $144 (AUD and inclusive of GST)