ACTIVATE – 5 days to an awakened sensory system for wellbeing & a deeper connection to nature

$22.00 inc. GST

Activate your body’s natural sensory abilities to support your own well-being, increase your energy, and deepen your connection to the natural world.



So many of us crave to unwind and connect more deeply with the natural world, and yet struggle to find the time, space and resources to make it happen. Modern life constantly pulls us in all directions, demanding of our focus and energy, and whilst we know self care is important, and realise that time in nature is awesome for our health and well-being, our days seem to slip away so quickly and we find ourselves struggling to make it happen on a regular basis.

ACTIVATE is a program designed specifically to fit within the life you lead right now. By integrating these simple but effective practices of nature connection into our daily lives, sustainable and permanent change can be created, and well-being enhanced for even the most time-poor amongst us. All that is needed is 10 minutes a day, in a space in which you feel comfortable and able to see, hear, smell, touch and feel the natural world. Your own garden, backyard, courtyard or even open window is perfect. We can start exactly where you are right now.

Over the 5 days of ACTIVATE you will be led through simple, short yet effective practices designed to support your innate ability to attune to the natural world. These are all abilities we are born with, but most of us have not had the opportunity to practice or strengthen them, and our health and well-being has suffered as a result.  As we activate and strengthen our body’s natural sensory system, we are reminded of what it feels like to be truly in the present moment, attuned to our surroundings, with a regulated nervous system and clear mind. We feel more energised, more peaceful, and better equipped to meet life’s challenges with confidence and ease.

What’s involved:

  • 1 hr Group Preparation Call – Let me introduce you to the magic of Nature Connection, learn more about the amazing health and well-being benefits of time in nature, create an action plan to get the most of our journey together, and meet the rest of the participants of the course. Fully interactive call hosted by Kerrie over Zoom and will be recorded to watch if you can’t make it to the live call.
  • 5 x daily video/audio recordings just 5 minutes long, to introduce the practice of the day. Each practice should take you just 10 minutes to complete, and then can be integrated into the rest of your day as you go about your usual activities.
  • 1 hr Group Celebration Call – Coming together to share your discoveries and progress is a major and often overlooked part of the Nature Connection journey, and creating positive change in all areas of your life. Our Group Celebration Call will be a chance to learn from each other, integrate the learnings we have made, and discover the strategies needed to ensure the experience continues to support your life moving forward. Again the recording of this call will be available if you are unable to attend live.
  • ongoing available support throughout the program via emails and messenger.


  • Group Preparation Call – Wednesday March 16th, 7pm (AEDT) (via ZOOM)
  • #ACTIVATEDAY1 – March 17th
  • #ACTIVATEDAY2 – March 18th
  • #ACTIVATEDAY3 – March 19th
  • #ACTIVATEDAY4 – March 20th
  • #ACTIVATEDAY5 March 21st
  • Group Celebration Call – Monday March 21st, 7pm (AEDT) (via Zoom)